The primary mission is to provide world-class services with the highest standards for all clients.

The wealth of cultural and historical heritage, natural beauty and attractive places including our mountains, lakes, beautiful villages, our small towns with great soul, will determine the direction of our business policy and the need for our participation in the presentation of our beautiful country.

With our offers and operations we are trying to achieve a good reputation as a strategic capital, which is also the base for the planning and preparation of future business ventures and response to the new challenges that the future holds.


Guest book

Your feedback means the world to us.

"I highly recommend this tour. Samir was an amazing tour guide and was clearly passionate about his job. His knowledge was excellent, and he made the war tour fun for everyone. He really went above and beyond by providing great intel, reading material and took us to incredible places."

Andreas Müller

"The tour we had while in Sarajevo was super interesting and awesome. Our guide Samir knew a lot about the history of and present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina. The tour was something special because of the history of war Sarajevo has, We passed many sad things, but also a lot of good staff.If you are plannig to visit Sarajevo i would definetly recommend this!"

Christina Van Reber

"Our guide Samir kept us entertained during the whole trip to Mostar, took us to some marvelous places, besides everything he is a cool guy, thx for everything."

Stephan Behind